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MARCH 3, 2017


The TVA Petals and Patches Program began in 1982 with the 10 in Texas portion of the program.  The Ten in Texas program required a participant to complete 11 sanctioned walks in Texas in one year to qualify to purchase the 10 in Texas Patch.  The participant could qualify for the first petal the second year when they completed their first 10 sanctioned events in Texas.  The program proceeded to follow this pattern until the petals (10) surrounded the patch.  Then in 1992 the 20 in Texas Program was started and the same procedure was followed.  The patch could be purchased when the participant completed their first 11 sanctioned events in Texas and the following years they could purchase the 20 in Texas petal when they had completed 20 sanctioned events in Texas.

This program has been available for 34 years.  In the beginning a number of people were active participates.  However, in the past 20 years very few people have participated.  Every year the TVA purchases 50 (the minimum purchase allowed) of each petal. Maybe 4 or 5 are purchased a year.  Thus, the TVA has a buildup of inventory which is valued at $1210.72 and continues to create expense that is not recouped by sales.  

The TVA Board has decided to discontinue purchasing the petals each year, but will continue to offer the current inventory of patches and petals at a greatly reduced price. This means that those of you who have completed the programs but was not aware the programs existed, can now take a look back at your walking records and  purchase the patches and petals to complete your own record display of completion.  Please take a look at the attached documents that show how the patch and petals should be displayed and what an attractive display they make.

 In order to make it a reasonable project for you, reduce the TVA inventory and add additional income for the TVA, the price of the patches and petals have been greatly reduced in price.  An example:  The patch originally sold for $4.00—now they are $2.00.  The petals originally sold for $2.50—now they are $1.00.  The set (1 patch and 10 petals) originally cost $29.00—now they would be $12.00.  This applies to the 10 in Texas as well as the 20 in Texas.  I was not an active Volksmarcher when these programs started, but have gone back and created my display of the years I walked at least 10 sanctioned events in Texas and then completed the 20 in Texas if I walked 30 (the first 10 plus additional 20) events in that year.  Of course, we would not oppose you lining the rim of your cap with the petals for the years you have walked 10 or 20 in Texas.  We need to recoup some of the monies the TVA has tied up in all this accumulated inventory and hopefully give you incentive to create your own display of your accomplishments.

I have made up information kits for your convenience.  The kit includes, a brief history and current status of the TVA Petals and Patches programs (this webpage), an inventory listing of available petals and patches (click here), an order form (click here) and pictures showing the design of the each display (shown above).  You may order by emailing or mailing your order to me at the address shown on the form or see me at any walk you see me with the display.  

If you have question, please call or email me.  I will be happy to help you create your own display. 


Joanne Forinash

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