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The 10 in Texas Award
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The 20 in Texas Award
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Volkssporters are invited to take part in the Ten In Texas Award Program.  You may now purchase both the circular Ten in Texas patch along with the yearly petal as the first year award.

If you have been walking for several years and wish to now obtain this award, you will be able to purchase petals for any of the previous years.  Petals from the year 1983 to 1995 will now be free.

This is another way to keep track of the year you began Volkssporting in Texas.

You will be required to complete your ten events during a calendar year and in subsequent years to earn your petals.  The majority of walkers interested in this award are mainly Texas walkers and have completed more than ten events.

The award is available to anyone that walks in Texas, providing they complete ten events.

Due to the fact we have no way of verifying your Texas events, unless you have marked your book, it is no longer necessary for you to send a copy of your event book. Texas has no special marking for their events.  This entire program is an honor system.  You and only you will know that you have accomplished the number of events required to earn the petals.

When the Ten In Texas Award is complete, you may move up to the Twenty In Texas Award. The 11th year that you Volkssport in Texas you must complete twenty events before you can collect your rectangular patch. Each year thereafter that you do twenty events in Texas you can collect a year-petal to put around this patch. Year-petals may be added to this award indefinitely.

Ten In Texas patches are $4.00.  All yearly petals from 1996 are $2.00 each.

These awards are available for purchase at the yearly TVA events.  There is a Reunion event each spring, and a Memorial Event/Midnight Walk held every Dec. 31st.  The Reunion event location changes from year to year, but each Dec. 31 the TVA event is held in Fredericksburg, Texas, where volkssporting started in the USA.

If you have any questions you may either e-mail me txtrailhead@hctc.net

call 830-995-2421

or write to me at:

John Bohnert 

Comfort, TX 78025