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Welcome to Focus on Healthy Living where we offer simple, down-to-earth, non-preachy maintenance tips to help you regain and maintain your physical, mental and spiritual.health.

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Stretching and Flexibility --Everything you never wanted to know!
What we all need, but seldom do. Reduce injury and feel better....s...t...r...e...t...c...h!

The views and techniques given are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Texas Volkssporting Association. As with any physical activity, check with your doctor before doing any of these stretches.

A Walking Primer
One of the best cardiovascular exercises is walking. It requires little but a pair of good walking shoes. No need to drive to the gym, join an exercise class, buy fancy clothes or expensive equipment and it can be done wherever you are. Take a walk a day and keep the cardiologist away!

Mental health is similar to physical health in a number of ways. Many mental health problems can be prevented. Some may be treated very simply and some need the help of a professional. Exercise, proper nutrition and having someone to talk to about problems, can prevent many serious mental health problems from occurring. All of these things help to reduce stress.

Mental health involves several concepts. It begins by feeling good about yourself- having self-esteem. A healthy self-image results from your ability to handle stressful situations, adjusting to changes in life, talking with others about your problems and participating in activities you enjoy. It is the ability to accept yourself as you are. All of you are different and have unique talents and personalities.

Breathing Practice
To control stress and live better, it's worth spending time each day to cultivate a habit of deep, diaphragmatic breathing.

Walking Out the Blues
A city street, a path through the woods, a neighborhood block, a sandy beach, a grassy field, a town park. These are all places that can help us to transform our blue moods into moments of peaceful joy.

Spiritual health is the third component of physical, mental and spiritual health. Spirituality is the search for the meaning of life and/or the belief in a supreme being. Spirituality is not religion. Religion is an organized set of beliefs, rituals and practices. Spirituality is more universal in scope and involves an individual's spirit and its relationship to the world and beyond.

It involves a search for the meaning of life, a connection with a higher power. Connecting with fellow human beings and nature can also be important. Spiritual beliefs are many and vary greatly. They can provide comfort and healing in a time of illness.

The Pursuit of Happiness
Is happiness the goal of life? Am I pursuing the things that yield ultimate happiness? Is wealth necessary for happiness? Are there limits to happiness? Why does happiness often seem hard to achieve and maintain?

Enjoying What you Have
To have it all you must be able to see the joy in what you already have. The first and foremost 'thing' that you have is YOU!


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